THE evolution
ALBUM: "Zeitgeist"

Morgenstern infused into the album their well known NDH spirit and taste for industrial, delivering ten more tracks structured to give their best not only on the record but also live. With raging melodies, refrains that incite to sing along and the inevitable headbanging, the intentions of the five members have not changed over the years.

The songs messages are deep and powerful, as they delve into a whole range of contemporary issues that have shaped the Zeitgeist of our recent times.

The album, entirely written and produced by Morgenstern, was recorded at AKA Recording Studio and then remastered by Nero Argento at Aexeron Studios in Turin, Italy.

Release date: 10th N ovem ber 2023
Availability: on all main digital platforms
Distribution: DarkTunes Music Group Germany.

01. Zeitgeist - 02. Betonfresser - 03. Para bellum - 04. Der Clown - 05. Hass ihn - 06. Schockm aschine - 07. Vater Vater - 08. Die Hölle in mir - 09. PFP - 10. Unendlichkeit

The single:

“Betonfresser” is single number 1 of 6 - Release date 31st march 2023.

This catchy headbanger deals with the topic of the insatiable greed of our species, embodied in a car, the Betonfresser, which devours everything it encounters.

The video is almost a short B movie: trashy and ironic, it features a modern tim e Charon picking up four unknowing sinners to be taken to the afterlife on board the Betonfresser.

“Betonfresser” is available on all major digital platforms.

The single:
Hass ihn

“Hass ihn” is single number 2 of 6 - Release date 21st april 2023.

Morgenstern's most raw and heavy track of the album draws on the hardest elements of Neue Deutsche Härte, combining pounding rhythms, heavy guitars, and aggressive vocals to create a sound that is uniquely their own.

With its driving beat and powerful vocals, "Hass ihn" is a true, yet very controverse, anthem of empowerment that will leave you thinking: the powerful lyrics explore the evil and ugly side of humanity, touching on themes of fear, prejudice, and blind hatred.

The video is fully loaded with a raging performance and a visual allegory that hints to a dark, deeper and devastating meaning.

“Hass ihn” is available on all major digital platforms.

The single:
Para bellum

“Para bellum” is single number 3 of 6 - Release date 19th may 2023.

With an ironic twist on the lyrics, this is the first time that the band takes a stand against war and violence. The track speaks to the world's leaders and their obsession with power and greed.

Through powerful and thought-provoking lyrics, the song encourages listeners to think about the consequences of their actions and to strive for peace and unity. The hard-hitting beats and electrifying vocals will leave you energized and empowered to make a change.

The lyrics video stings your eyes like a menacing warning sign.

“Para Bellum” is available on all major digital platforms.

The single:

“Zeitgeist” is single number 4 of 6 - Release date 16th June 2023.

This deeply philosophical track will take you in a world of pure intensity, where darkness and resilience collide. Catchy chorus, unforgettable melodies, heavy riffs and powerful vocals: “Zeitgeist” is a shot to your heart and a journey through emotion.

This song embodies the spirit of our time, where blindness and indifference prevail, and the poetry of the lyrics will dig deep inside you.

The lyrics video is hauntingly beautiful and was made combining the unsettling power of AI with human custom made graphics.

“Zeitgeist” is available on all major digital platforms.

The single:

“Schockmaschine“ is single number 5 of 6 - Release date 28th July 2023.

One the most iconic tracks of the album embodies the essence of Morgenstern's signature sound, combining hard guitar riffs with industrial synthesizers. The lyrics delve into the realms of superstition and indication, challenging the notion of truth as a requirement.

The video is an over the top hyper satire aiming at sensationalist and catastrophist press as well as tabloid in general.

“Schokmaschine” is available as single on all major digital platforms.

The single:
Die Hölle in mir

“Die Hölle in mir“ is single number 6 of 6 - Release date 3rd November 2023, one week before full album presentation.

One of the darkest yet powerfully melodic tracks is also the most intimate and introspective song of the album as it deals with inner ghosts and fears. Sometimes, the only way to hide from the darkness, is to become a shadow yourself.

The video was filmed at Cross Studios in Milano and outdoor sets in the Lugano region.

“Die Hölle in mir” is available as single on all major digital platforms.

THE debut
ALBUM: "Mechamorphose"

The album, entirely written and produced by Morgenstern, was recorded at Exotone Recording Studio and remastered by Nero Argento at Aexeron

Mechamorphose is available on all main digital platforms, distributed by Dark Tunes Music Group Germany.

01. Mechamorphose (Instrumental) - 02. Morgenstern - 03. Heil mich - 04. Bis am Ende - 05. Ruhe - 06. Halb ein Mann - 07. Alles ist verloren - 08. Pornout - 09. Irgendwo, irgendwann - 10. Auf letzter Fahrt.

Mechamorphose: all the videos


Last update: 07.12.2023

The song is a hommage to the past, at the same time an ironic declaration of indipendence: Morgenstern are no longer a tribute band.

Heil mich

Last update: 07.12.2023

The video is a grotesque allegory of a walk along the last mile: assisted suicide from Morgenstern’s metaphoric point of view.


Last update: 07.12.2023

A hot and nasty live video for a song that deals with the topic of virtual sex addiction. It does so with irony and high energy, and this is what fans actually get at Morgenstern’s live shows.