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Neue Deutsche Härte from Switzerland

Morgenstern released their second album “Zeitgeist”, which has been announced since March 2023 with six singles, four videos and two lyric videos.

After the release of their debut album “Mechamorphose” in 2021, unfortunately in the middle of the pandemic, the band restarted two years later and diligently released six singles, four of which supported by a video. They are preceding the new album “Zeitgeist” – release date November 10th. Like the previous one, this one is also distributed by DarkTunes Music Group, German cult label of the industrial/EBM scene, and will initially be available in digital form on all major streaming platforms.

Although the album represents a clear development compared to “Mechamorphose” - actually a transitional album from the Swiss Rammstein tribute band to “Real Thing” - the formula has not changed. The spirit of the Neue Deutsche Härte (New German Hardness) permeates the album “Zeitgeist” in every single note: immediate headbanging, hard and cold sound, but at the same time full of passion. Poetry, melody, and sophisticated or even committed lyrics enrich the album. Among the topics that “Zeitgeist” examines, there is much that has unfortunately shaped and continues to shape our contemporary world. Topics such as pandemic, climate problems, social unrest and media distortions stand out. As always, Morgenstern acts as an observer, not as a judge. They do it with irony and with the courage of satire, exploiting ambiguity and double meaning: the texts of “Zeitgeist” offer reading on several levels, but the deeper you dig, the more the actual meaning of the words emerges. Meanings and considerations that almost border on social philosophy. Zeitgeist is (also) an album for thinkers.

All ten tracks on the new album are structured to perform at their best both during more intimate listening at home as well live. Written and produced by Morgenstern himself, the album “Zeitgeist” was mixed by Nero Argento at Aexeron Studios in Turin, Italy. The four videos and two lyric videos of the singles (in order of release: “Betonfresser”, “Hass ihn”, “Para Bellum”, “Zeitgeist”, “Schockmaschine” and “Die Hölle in mir”) are all available on YouTube.