Chek Ivo Teo Alan Devis


From tribute band to the real thing

From the land known for its neutrality come five metalheads ready to take a stand.

Morgenstern have long been known for the intense, energy-driven live shows as the only Swiss Rammstein Tribute from 2010 to 2017. But that was yesterday.

In 2019 the mask dropped, revealing their true face and a solid plan to raise mayhem in their own way.

The name of that plan was “Mechamorphose”, a debut album featuring ten massive tracks that represented Morgenstern's twisted point of view on a mechanical world that is twisted on his own. And now this is history.

The tracks were first presented only to radio stations and webzines, but the growing interest and curiosity around the band soon led to the signing with the German label DarkTunes Music Group at the end of 2019. All ten songs of the album were then heavily remastered by Nero Argento at AExeron Studios in Turin for the official worldwide digital release.

Despite the pandemic, which has canceled almost all the band's promotional live shows, the three videos released on Youtube for the main singles “Morgenstern”, “Heil mich” and “Pornout” have reached more than 1.000.000 views com bined.


From Mechamorphose to Evolution

Sharp riffs, rhythms to bang your head to and powerful lyrics to make you think: this is what makes Morgenstern’s Music so deep on record and so overwhelming on stage.

The formula hasn't changed. Indeed, the years of the pandemic, of social unrest and war in Eastern Europe, have instead provided the group with even more food for thought. The result is an album that deals with greed, exploitation, silent rage and screaming lies. All this expressed with irony, parodies and metaphors: Morgenstern aspire to be philosophers of the controversial.

The new album, anticipated by six singles with videos that will be presented starting from the 31st of March, will feature ten new tracks and will be released as before by the German label DarkTunes Music Group in September 2023. The tracks, produced by Morgenstern, were mixed and mastered by Nero Argento at AExeron in Turin, Italy